Building Worlds

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His hearts were pumping loudly; he could feel them beating in his chest. He glanced around nervously, hoping no one noticed, and then realized he was alone.

He was—of course—nervous about today’s Final Review of his project, to which he’d devoted nearly all of his waking hours, as well as most of those set aside for sleeping. He was paralyzed with dread, knowing he could not fare well; not after the latest disastrous results.

Come on, Hommin, you’re being too hard on yourself, he kept thinking. Wars are common; it’s not your fault. But somehow, he couldn’t come to terms with wars that wipe out their civilizations. It was just unacceptable. After all, it was my job to set everything in place.

Earth had never done what he wanted it to. Not really. Even in the beginning, when everything was running splendidly, there were problems. He was beginning to think he’d never make it through another year, let alone graduate and earn a degree in World-Building.

While he waited, he thought back to the very first days of the project, when he had been so excited to begin, and his project was all he could think about…