Pictures Galore:

Well, I posted a few of my favorite pictures over at I’m still working on getting some pictures posted here, but with over 600 pictures to wade through, it’s taking some time. I’ll have them soon though. Anyway, I’m back from vacation, and back to work. Life’s a drag, but I’ll get over it. Webcam is back up and running more or less full time. Enjoy.

Almost Over:

Well, my vacation is almost over. I arrived home from my trip a couple days ago, and it was awesome. I’ll be getting pictures posted from the trip in a few days, after I sort through the over 600 pictures I took. It also turns out that the journal I wrote was fairly boring, so I don’t think I’ll be posting that here, since nobody probably wants to read it anyway. I also received a response yesterday from SciFiction about Building Worlds: they didn’t want it. Not really surprising, but I was keeping my fingers crossed. I still have one other place to send it, before posting it here for good.

On Vacation:

I’m finally doing some long-needed traveling. The Grand Canyon will be host to Brad World for a couple days, as I take in the best mother nature can offer. We’re planning on swinging by Hoover Dam while we’re in the area, so that should also be exciting. The 18 hour drive should give me some time to work on my writing (hopefully), so we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, check out my Moblog, as I’ll update it as often as I can (so long as I have signal on my cell phone). I’ll also post a photo-galery upon returning. Farewell, I’ll be back in about a week…

Dave Attell Rocks!:

Just got back from Dave Attell at The Improv. It was awesome. I’d never been to the Improv before, but it was really nice. They have a lot of good comedians coming, like Dave Chappelle, and Pablo Francisco. Check out my moblog for pictures and video from the show. I also got a new phone. The Sanyo 5500, which will explain the new orientation to my moblog shots. Anyway, enjoy.

Vacation Time:

Well, I am officially on vacation. I have the next 13 days off. I’m leaving for the Grand Canyon on the 7th, and am stopping at Hoover Dam on the way back. I’ll be posting pictures on my weblog throughout my vacation, as well as full-size pics when I return. Also look for a daily journal to be featured after I get back. In the meantime, check out my new webcam (upper right). I keep it on most of the time. Wave!