Pictures Added:

I have finally finished work on my computer, and am happy to announce that the webcam is back up! I have also added a few pictures from my birthday, when we went to the Astros game against the Cubs. It was an awesome game, and I got some really good pictures of the stadium and surrounding area. Feel free to take a look in the Pictures section.

A Quarter Century:

Yesterday, while I was 24 years old, I watched the season finale of 24, which was mildly disappointing. Today, after turning 25, I turned my expectations to the Astros once again… and was mildly disappointed. Roger Clemens was supposed to pitch. That’s part of the entire reason I picked that date. But the rotation was shifted for some reason, and instead I got to see Andy Pettite pitch. Not exactly a tragedy, I know. We were worried though about getting tickets. They didn’t have many seats left. In fact, it was a sellout crowd, even though tons of people never showed up. We got there, and someone was giving out tickets, since he wasn’t going to go. They were pretty good seata, too. Section 105, down near the Crawford boxes. But since there were only two seats, and six of us, we had to take turns sitting in them. Our ‘cheap seats’ were in Section 431, which was a huge difference. And as if nosebleed seats weren’t bad enough, they decided to open the roof for the game, allowing in the 90 degree heat, and sun, right into our faces. The only thing I liked about those seats were the view of downtown though. I got some GREAT shots, and will have to get around to posting them pretty soon in the gallery. We had a great time though, and got to watch a fantastic Astros game. They beat the Cubs 7-3. So now I’m twenty-five, and still not sure exactly what’s going to happen a day from now, let alone the rest of my life. But I have a goal, and I have the ambition to apply myself. No more being lazy, and not approaching life head-on. As cheesy as it sounds, Today is the first day of the rest of my life…

One Giant Leap:

Okay, I know it’s not everything, and I still have LOTS of work to do to the site. I managed to get most of my ‘About Me’ section done. I’ve added a panoramic image of my room, as well as ‘My Computer’ to the site. My resume is also posted now, in case someone wants to hire me. šŸ™‚ Well, I’m accomplished what I wanted to before formatting. Now, I just need to work on backing up everything to DVD’s and formatting. Then I can get the webcam back up. See you later this week.

Pictures Added:

Well, I finally got my picture galleries going. Took a lot of work, but I’m quite satisfied with the results. I’ve added two galleries to the site, the first ‘The Beer Run’ has a few pictures from an awesome beer run we made to get FREE beer from a friend. The second gallery is from the 2004 Opening Day game I went to at Minute Maid Park, thanks to Massey and his free tickets. Life CAN be good sometimes…

Roll With The Changes:

Well, you’ll probably notice a few small things about the site. First: the archives section is now up. This allows me to narrow down my journal entries per month, so it’s easier to view them. I’ll proabably add a ‘view all’ feature eventually, but not right now. Second, I’ve added some rollover images to the navigation bar. You’ll notice that not all of them light up. That’s because those sections are currently under construction. Within a day or two, I hope to have the Pictures section finished, so that’s the reason for the highlight on that one. Once I’m finished with my Pictures section, then it will be on to the About Me section, which might take some time to put together, based on what I want it to contain. But we’ll see. I’ve made great progress so far. The webcam is still offline, and most likely will continue to be so, until later in the week. I want to finish certain aspects of the site before backing up, and formatting my machine. Once the format is complete, I’ll be turning the webcam back on. In the meantime, feel free to stare at the same image for hours at a time (just don’t let retina-burn set in). Other than that, life is going along as usual. I’m enjoying my vacation, even though I’ve done very little. Tennis will probably get played, and more beer will get drunk, especially if the girls keep coming over. More later.