I Know, I Know:

I know I promised a new layout for my website soon, but I’ve been busy with all kinds of stuff lately. I’ve got a possible website job that I’ve got to create a quote for, and plenty of other stuff to get done. The biggest obstacle I ran into in having the site done was the picture gallery, but I’m satisfied that I finally got it working the way I wanted. So, I’m planning on having the site finished by the end of this weekend. So keep an eye out people! There will be tons of new pictures up, and more coming later!

In The Dark:

I learned a very important lesson today: electricity is an absolute necessity. Well, sort of. They turned our electricity off today at home (this morning, actually) and over 12 hours later, it’s still not back on. Which is bad. Fortunately, I have my new laptop, which is fully charged, and our neighbors have an unprotected WiFi network, so I’ve still got Internet. For a couple hours anyway, until the battery dies. So I figured I’d post. It’s amazing how silent the apartment is right now. Natalie and Luis have already gone to sleep. Something about the dark, I think. So it’s just me, sitting here, listening to the keys click and the cars driving by outside. It’s strange, even in the city, there’s always noise. I remember when I was living with my parents, way out in Hawkins, it was so silent at night. Not a sound anywhere, other than the rustle of the trees. There were no freeways, no late-night booming stereos, just complete and utter silence. Pitch black, too. Fortunately, there’s enough light here to see by, so it’s not oppressive. But it sucks not being able to do much of anything. I wanted to watch our taped episode of ’24’ tonight, but I can’t now. Oh well, I’ll get over it. I just hope we have power in the morning, so my alarm clock actually wakes me up, and so I’ll be able to take a hot shower. Anyway, I’m starting to ramble now, so I’m finished. Just wanted to blog a bit. I’m still working on the website, hoping to have it finished soon. I’ve got a couple minor roadblocks with the pictures, but I’m planning on adding about five or six new galleries, including a 20th and 21st birthday…. Goodnight folks.

Coming Together:

I finally got my laptop, and it’s everything I wanted, and more. I’ve also been doing a ton of work on my website lately, and it’s almost finished. I’ll have the new layout completed within a few more days (with the exception of the administration back-end, but that can be done later). I think people are really going to like the new layout, it’s different, and allows for a lot more flexibility that the previous layouts have so far. Anyway, the only big thing I have left to work on is the Pictures section, which I’m hoping to update with TONS more stuff. I’m working on the database portion of it, which will make life a million times easier. So that’s what’s up. I’m enjoying life on my new Athlon 64 laptop. It’s cool so far. It even allows me to play Half-Life 2 without crashing. What an awesome game. I’m glad I’m able to play it now. Anyway, I’m out. Got some more stuff to work on…. Happy Valentine’s Day, girls! P.S. – I had to quote Conan here: “Happy Martinlutherlincolntines Day!”