The Wedding Blog: Part 6

Things are beginning to look a lot better. We looked at yet another location this weekend, and both Jenny and I really liked it. Best of all, it’s quite affordable and looks like the winner. We only have to pay the deposit now, and we’ll have the location set in stone.


The Wedding Blog: Part 3

Jenny found a pretty cool website last night, called It’s essentially a wedding site, with links to every imaginable service. From photographers, to dresses, to bridal extravaganzas, it’s a one-stop shop for weddings.


The Wedding Blog: Part 2

We broke the news to Jenny’s family today (yesterday).

Her cousin Zach’s birthday party was at Chuck E Cheese’s in Pasadena, so we went to that. Fortunately, most of her immediate family was present, so everyone was able to find out and see the ring. Everyone was happy and excited for us, and it was a nice feeling.