The Wedding Blog: Part 14

The wedding plans continue! We paid the deposit for the photographer, and will soon be getting other things completed. Jenny took April 5th off, and is off on April 6th, which means she’s off the same days I am. We plan then, to go and setup our registry at a couple of stores, and to pick out the tuxedos for the wedding party.


Today, 3/26…

Today started off quite nicely. When I arrived to work, I was presented with my pay increase of 5%, which goes into effect on April 1st. No joke. It’s certainly the right timing, as we need all the money we can get right now, with the wedding coming up.

I’m now making the most money I ever have, and am closer to my goal that I set for myself when I turned 20. Unfortunately, I’m more than two years off of my goal, and it looks like I won’t hit it before I turn 28. I guess the fact that I’m still eager and ambitious is good though.

Once I got home, I watched the series finale of Rome on HBO. It was depressing, but a fitting end to a fantastic show, and one that had me captivated since its inception. That it only lasted two seasons is–to me–a tragedy, but one I will have to suffer. Truth told, it’s a relief to have an hour back, as I’m invested in entirely too many shows right now. I’ve never watched so much television. Currently, I regularly watch: 24, Heroes, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Till Death, Studio 60, Family Guy, American Dad, and sometimes American Idol. I may actually be missing some shows, but that only proves how bad it is. If it weren’t for our DVR, I doubt I’d be able to keep up with any of these shows.

Anyway, time for more television…

Today, 3/24…

Woke up in a fairly good mood today, despite having to work. I kept a fairly good handle on my temper, even though there have been some extremely frustrating people on the line.

Lunch was interesting today (sad that I call this interesting. It’s probably only interesting to myself). This morning when I went to make my lunch, peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches sounded pretty good. When lunchtime came however, I didn’t want a single item I had packed to eat. I ended up going to McDonald’s for lunch, and–amazingly–by the time I got my food, I was craving peanut-butter and jelly again! If I didn’t know any better, I would think I was pregnant.

After lunch, I struggled to stay awake. It was slow at work, making the task that much more difficult. By the time I left work, I felt exhausted, and looked forward to relaxing at home.

So I’ve spent a solitary–and peaceful–evening at home. Jenny went to a Houston Aeros hockey game with some friends. I was invited, but declined. I was tempted, but ultimately lacked the desire to spend the evening away from the house. I stopped by the store on the way home, and picked up some groceries–necessities mostly.

That said, I think I’m going to grab a shower, and call it an early night.

Today, 3/22…

Didn’t really accomplish much today. I loaded and ran the dishwasher, and fixed something that was wrong with Jenny’s computer. Other than that, I played some baseball on the 360. Also went to Blockbuster to turn in some games, and picked up a few movies.

Today was Jenny’s Dad’s birthday, so we took her parents out to dinner. We went to Saltgrass Steakhouse, and had an excellent meal. Afterwards, we looked at their new car. It was pretty nice, though I still don’t personally care for Saturns all that much.

Tomorrow, I need to go to the Post Office and buy a couple of hundred stamps, so we can mail our save-the-date magnets out. Hopefully, Jenny will get home early enough for us to go to the movies and watch The Last Mimzy.

Today, 3/21…

I decided to be positive today. After all, it’s my Friday. I’m off on Thursdays and Fridays, so my weekend is about to start. I managed to do pretty well, keeping my cool all day long. Even at home, it’s been a pretty mild day. I played some Xbox 360, but the console overheated, because of where I had placed it, and so I had to quit the game. I have my controller charging right now though, so it’s all good. I’m waiting for Jenny to go to bed, so I can play some more Zelda.