What Do I Do…

Now that summer is here, most of my favorite television shows have wrapped up for the season, leaving me with more free time than usual. So, what do I do? Watch more TV of course!

This past season, I watched more television, and invested in more series than ever before. I’m not usually one to watch much TV, but with the current lineup of shows, I’ve been hooked. Though most of my favorite shows have ended for the season, some are still running, while others are on their final runs. Here’s a rundown of the shows I’m currently addicted to:


Another Year…

Another year begins. My 29th year on Planet Earth. I celebrated my 28th birthday over the weekend, and I have to admit: it was fun.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything of substance online, but I’ve been busy. Life seems to occupy more time than it provides; there’s never quite enough time to do the things we want.

My weekend officially began on Thursday, with my normal off-days of Thursday and Friday. I scheduled two vacation days for Saturday and Sunday, and was off for Memorial Day, giving me a much-welcomed five-day weekend. Thursday and Friday, I didn’t do much, other than sleep in, watch some TV, and do some housework. Mostly I relaxed.