(A bit late) Today was a long day, but fortunately, it’s about to end for me. Got woken up early today. Jenny had a couple of doctors appointments today, and had to go to one this morning. I stayed awake long enough to know she left. Woke up again later, and bummed around on the computer until she got home. Our wedding invitations came in, and we picked them up from the post office today. I’ll get around to printing them soon, maybe even start tomorrow. Those will be mailed by July 20th. Then, went to the Mall to look around a bit, and grabbed a bite to eat. Went to a place called Sam Moon, where we looked at all kinds of stuff. Jenny had seen a messenger bag there she thought I’d be interested in. I didn’t like it, but found a fantastic deal on a Samsonite briefcase I wanted, but it was $80, so it’ll have to wait. Then went to the other doctor’s appointment–the eye doctor. Jenny had to get her eyes examined, and got a temporary pair of contacts. She doesn’t want to be wearing glasses for the wedding (understandable), so she’s trying contacts for awhile. I could never put something in my eye, so I’ll pass. Went to her Grandparents’ house to visit for a bit, before heading home. On the way, we both got hungry, and went to eat dinner. After dinner, I turned on the Astros game on the radio, and heard we were down. Listened as Biggio got hit 2,998. Once we got home, we watched the series finale of Studio 60, which was very good. Later I learned about Biggio’s 3,000th hit, and was mad at myself for not watching the game. Congrats to him though, it’s a huge accomplishment. But now, it’s about time to go to bed. I’ve got a few errands to run tomorrow, too, and want to get up fairly early–again.