Why does it have to be so difficult…?

So I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for the past few days. Not ill, exactly, but in a bad, depressed, frustrated mood.

Last night, my frustration took hold of me, causing me to lash out at Jenny, which I’m not happy about. It’s the story of my life though, one that endlessly repeats itself, much to my dismay. Try as I might, it’s a cycle I’ve been unable to break.


The Wedding Blog: Part 23

Less than 90 days to go! It really hit me last night that the wedding is only 3 months away.

The whole idea of the wedding has always been sort of an abstract idea in my mind. There have been short glimpses of the reality of the situation, but never anything too prolonged. It may not truly hit me until a few days before, and maybe not until I’m standing there, holding Jenny’s hands.


The Wedding Blog: Part 22

Start the countdown, there’s less than 100 days to the wedding. We’ve moved from triple-digits to double-digits in the countdown, marking a significant step closer.

It dawned on me yesterday how much work and planning we still have to do. I took the day off work so we could look at apartments, and we eventually met up with Jenny’s parents. Her mother had bought some pots to use for flowers at the ceremony, but she was concerned about the size of them, and if they would look okay. We all went over to the gazebo to see.


No More Daily’s

I’ve decided to stop posting my daily entries. Considering I usually have little to say, other than detailing my habitual patterns, and usual frustrations with everything, I’ll spare my readers (if I actually have any) the monotonous ramblings of my life. In the future, I’ll post certain articles that I find fascinating, or simple brain-dumps about whatever I choose to provide to the world.

This doesn’t mean that I’m not still writing my daily entries, only that I choose not to make them public. Instead, they will reside only in my daily journal, right here on my desk. Yes, Bradley K. Brown is keeping a diary–of sorts.

I’ll continue to post my wedding blogs, and keep people up to date from time to time, as time permits, but life goes on, just not in my daily writing.