The Wedding Blog: Part 26

Today marks another important point in the countdown to our wedding. Today, August 20th, is two months until the Big Day.

It’s dawned on me that I may not ever experience another countdown quite like this again. The certainty of October 20th is, well, certain. Even when Jenny and I start looking forward to the birth of our eventual children, there’s no true date. Births tend to occur when they want, but rarely on the exact due date.

As October 20th draws closer, so do all of the needs for arrangements, payments and time. We still have an enormous amount of planning to accomplish, all of which are the tiniest of details. I find my evenings and especially off-days wrapped up fully in wedding-related activity.

Even holidays aren’t sacred. The upcoming Labor Day holiday, Jenny and I plan to go shopping for furniture, so we’ll have ideas for our new apartment (hopefully). I also hope to get together with my Best Man to negotiate plans for my bachelor party, for which I have established my off-days at work.

Jenny’s dress is going through alterations, we’re working on the bus rental, and it’s time for all of my groomsmen to get fitted for their tuxedos.

I’m excited about the wedding, but cannot wait for it to get here already.

The Wedding Blog: Part 25

With 69 days left until the wedding, the invitations have been mailed, and the responses are rolling in. So far, it looks like we’re going to have an excellent turnout. Some who we weren’t sure could make it have responded saying they’ll be there, so it’s exciting.

It’s funny in some ways how little the wedding actually means. Of course, the emotional and celebratory effects are significant, but in many ways, I’m already married. Jenny and I share a home, share belonging, and purchases, and pay for things with our joint income. By Texas law, we are common-law married. Still, it’ll be nice to have that certificate that says so.

Parts of me still feel like things will change after I say “I Do”. Intellectually, I know that nothing will really change, fundamentally; my feelings for Jenny won’t change, and yet–there’s this barrier that I feel we’ll break through once we say those vows. It’s like the football team that tears through the paper banner before the game; it doesn’t mean they can’t play the game without doing it, it’s just tradition. Somehow, it doesn’t feel right unless they do it. I guess there’s parts of me that just know that we’re not officially married until we’re officially married.

In the meantime, I like my life–mostly, and look forward to the future, since Jenny will be there with me, by my side. Sappy, I know, but that’s how I feel.

The Wedding Blog: Part 24

We have passed another major milestone on the path toward matrimony today. Early this afternoon, I delivered 132 sealed invitations to the Post Office for mailing across the city, and country, to friend and family.

At this moment in time, those padded envelopes are racing around, waiting to be inserted into the mailboxes of–hopefully–who they are intended for. Eventually, the heart-shaped stamped response envelopes will return to our mailbox, trickling in, telling us who, of those invited, shall attend.

Again, I’m aware of how the clock is ticking.