The Marriage Blog: Part 1

So I’ve been married for just over a week now. Strange that it doesn’t feel at all different than it did before being married. The past week has been nice, in that we’ve been able to go shopping, go to the movies, and spend money much more freely than we did in the past. Nevertheless, we’ve put the brakes on again, as far as spending is concerned. We’re having to catch up on the bills, a couple of which we skipped a month on, to help pay for the costs of the wedding. Fortunately, most of the bills are either caught up, or caught up enough that my mid-November, we should be in good shape. We’ll work on paying off the credit cards, and then probably use them to buy the Christmas gifts this year, only to get them paid off again. But it’s a good thing.

2008 is the year of credit for us. I’m planning to work the entire year on improving our credit scores, and getting things paid off, or removed from our credit record. It’s an important part of our 5 year plan, and may take a couple years to accomplish. Nevertheless, I’m dedicated to getting us into a good financial picture, so that we can afford the things we want, and need, like a new car for Jenny, sometime soon.


What happens in Vegas…

This is a story that just can’t stay in Vegas. We paid $15 to watch a dolphin jerk itself off. Yes, you read that right–to watch a dolphin jerk itself off, in front of tourists, including children. I’ll get to the rest of this story later, but now, here’s a rundown of how our trip in Las Vegas went.

Our trip nearly ended before it began, actually. Due to delays in getting to the airport, we didn’t get there until 5pm, and we had a 6pm flight. We checked our baggage and got our boarding passes, but Jenny had trouble finding her ID, and we almost thought we were going to have to go back home to get it, and miss our flight. Fortunately, she found her drivers license, so we were okay.


The Wedding Blog: Finale

So I am now a married man. I suppose it was bound to happen, eventually. As Matt said in his toast at the reception, for women, the loss of this bachelor goes pretty much unnoticed.

Truly, it doesn’t feel any different than it did before Jenny and I were married. The only difference I’ve noticed is that my ring finger itches frequently, as it attempts to grow used to wearing my wedding band. Also, my ankle has developed a chafed, raw pain, and my muscles are tired from the newly attached ball-and-chain.

Seriously though, the wedding was absolutely perfect, and everyone seemed to enjoy the reception. Many people came together to help, some so significantly that without them, it would have been a complete disaster.


The Wedding Blog: Part 32

This will probably be one of my last wedding blogs, since it’s my last day at work before the wedding. The next few days will likely be so busy that I’ll not have the opportunity to describe my feelings again.

The stress has returned ten-fold, with Jenny and I having an argument last night. It was by far the worst argument we’ve had, but I also feel like it was a good thing. We got something settled, at least. Though I didn’t know it then, it also set me onto a realization.


The Wedding Blog: Part 31

A good day, for once. I’m actually able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, when it comes to the wedding. The planning is nearly finished, the payments have all been made, and very few items remain, except for the ones we haven’t thought of yet. We’re on the home stretch, and–at last–the stress starts to lessen.

For the past year, I’ve been worried about being able to afford to pay for this wedding. Granted, we’ve come up just a little bit short, but not short enough to significantly impact the results of the wedding. We rented less chairs than expected, but it’s going to be a short ceremony. We don’t have security for the wedding, but we found out we really don’t need it. We’re only serving beer, so security’s not required. We solved that minor dilemma today, and it worked out for the best of all.