So long, 2008…

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s always a time for reflection; to look back on the past year with a myriad of emotions. 2008 certainly has its fair share of emotion—both good and bad. I for one will be happy to ring in 2009, though it’s uncertain what the new year will bring; very likely more of the same.

For Jenny and I, 2008 has been a fairly good year. It’s seen us get our puppy, Kirby; new furniture; an HDTV; a new job (nay, career) for myself; two new cars; and the most happiness and stability we’ve had in our short life together thus far. In many ways, 2008 has been one of the best years of my life.


It's beginning to look…

If ever one needed an example of how screwed up the weather in Houston, Texas is, it’s this; yesterday it was 75 degrees outside. Today, it’s snowing. And not just a little–it’s actually accumulating on cars and rooftops. I’m very likely to have a white morning tomorrow.

Jenny’s pretty excited about it, because today is her birthday, and hopefully she’s had a good one. At work her company had a Christmas party, then the snow started early in the day, and she came home to find flowers, two birthday cards, and her gift. We later went out to eat to celebrate. After dinner, we walked around Market Street, in the snow, and got her some hot chocolate from Starbucks–the only thing from there she’ll drink.