A sobering weekend…

It’s never felt so good to be home. Spent the weekend at my parents’ house in Hawkins, TX.

This was the first time I’ve seen my father since he started chemotherapy, and he’s lost most of his hair. Fortunately, he’s in good spirits, but it was immediately obvious that the chemo is taking it’s toll. He’s already gotten much weaker, and has a lot of treatments left. To this point, we don’t know much yet about how well the chemo is affecting the cancer, so we’ll just have to wait and see.



They never seem to be long enough; no matter how well they go. This weekend was most certainly an interesting one—and an expensive one. We got our tax refund deposited on Friday, which promptly got spent the same night. It began during my lunch break, when I picked up my ‘netbook’ computer. Though some have questioned my decision (as always,) I really do think I’ll find a lot of use for it. It’s so small that I can take it practically everywhere, and yet powerful enough that I can use it as a test platform for other software, as well as just about anything else I want to.  Heaven forbid my main computer go out, I could actually use this as my primary PC, at least temporarily. I hope to compose my next work of fiction on it, too. Of course, for that, I have to get started—a task I’ve yet to begin.