This Is Not a Game…

I read something today that not only made me laugh out loud, but also made me cheer. I’m reading the book This Is Not a Game by Walter Jon Williams. Considering our recent problems and customer-service debacle with our apartment management, it only served to remind me that people are absolutely stupid. The following in an excerpt from the book, and the parts that made me laugh. Stick with it; it’s worth the read.


Love and Miscarriage…

We got some rather devastating news today: we were briefly expecting a baby, but the pregnancy didn’t take. Needless to say, we’re crushed.

A couple weeks ago, Jenny told me she was late, and we both just kind of had a ‘feeling,’ so we picked up a home pregnancy test that night. Jenny got up the next morning and took the test, which said “pregnant.” We both tried to be cautiously optimistic, and agreed not to tell anybody until we had been able to confirm it at the doctor. Jenny made the appointment, but it wasn’t scheduled until May 1st—a lifetime to wait, it seemed.


New Direction…

This past week has been one of the most harrowing, frustrating, and depressing weeks of my adult life; and yet, I find myself excited and hopeful for the future. I must begin this by describing the events of the past week, starting with a calamitous tale:

One week ago, on Sunday, April 5th, we sustained a major leak in our apartment. Jenny was washing some towels in the washing machine, and was downstairs in the kitchen, when she heard a dripping sound. She looked up to see water dripping from the ceiling in the kitchen. The washing machine had overflowed, and was still pouring water out, and into the rest of the apartment. We live in a two-story townhome, and the washer/dryer is upstairs, in a small utility area. That area was completely flooded with water, 2 inches deep, soaking the carpet, and running into the bedroom, and our master bathroom. Jenny tried shutting off the washing machine, and even unplugged it from the electrical socket in the wall, but it still continued to try to fill itself, pumping a deluge of water into and out of the washer, into our apartment. She tried turning off the water valves located behind the washer, but to no avail.