So I haven’t really posted much in the past month or so, but don’t let that fool you into thinking nothing has been happening lately. It’s actually been a relatively active month.

At the end of June, and into July, my brother Don and sister-in-law Saundra came to visit from Michigan. Plans were a little crazy, because Dad was in the hospital ahead of schedule for his surgery. Everything was pretty much play-it-by-ear the entire time they were down. We did end up getting to visit, and had a great time when we went to Dallas to see the Texas School Book Depository, and the JFK Museum. It was so strange to be standing there looking at the grassy knoll, where so much history took place, and where an American hero was killed. History is always a little bit overwhelming, especially when you’re right where it happened. Despite the hectic-ness of their visit, I think they had a good time. They had to do a TON of driving though, which is always quite tiring, especially in Texas. Jenny and I are planning to go to Michigan to visit them over Christmas, so that should be fun and exciting.


Photos: Dealey Plaza – Dallas, TX

Pictures from my visit to Dealey Plaza, site of the JFK assassination.

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2009 Mid-Year Book Report

The first half of 2009 has provided some surprising results for me, considering that my job provides virtually no reading time, and I’m only really reading at lunchtimes (sometimes) and in the evenings, before bed. The fact that I’m on pace with last year is, frankly, staggering, to me. Not that I’m complaining; I was just surprised, that’s all.

So here’s where I stand so far in 2009…