50,000 Words!

Today, I penned my 50,000’th word in my novel The Next Giant Leap. Sadly, it’s nowhere near completed yet. I am on Chapter 15, of what is proposed to be something like 46 chapters, so I still have a way to go. Still, it’s a hugely important milestone for me, as it now stands as the longest piece of work I’ve ever written, at 156 pages. I imagine it will end up somewhere above 400 pages, once finished. Of course, this is all just the first draft, which will receive immeasurable editing once completed. Already, I can think of entire sections that will likely get cut, and tidied up. Still, it’s a big deal.

If not for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), I doubt I would ever have accomplished this much. It’s a lot of work to sit down and write 50,000 words over the course of just 30 days. Some people are more natural at it, and others struggle mightily. I believe I fall somewhere in between. I found it difficult to get going some days, but once I did, the words flowed out easily (mostly).


Ahead of Pace

I managed to survive through week 1. If there’s one thing I’ve learned: weekends are more difficult than weekdays. I cruised along through the first five days of NaNoWriMo, but hit a roadblock on Saturday, when I had difficulty hitting my daily word-count, let alone surpassing it. Up until then, I’d gone well over each day. Sunday, I spent a lot of time writing, and trying to catch up to where I needed to be to end the weekend. I’m actually a little over 4,000 words ahead of pace, which is encouraging. It’ll be interesting to see how much revision is needed when it’s all over with (I’m guessing a LOT).

I get the feeling that I’ll be writing well into December however, as 50,000 words doesn’t appear to be nearly enough to finish my novel. This next week will be key to defining how the rest of the month will go. I thought I’d have no problems after cruising through the first 4 days. Day 5, 6, and 7 were more difficult however. My story is really only just beginning, and I’ve barely finished introducing the three main characters. Now the story begins to unfold with the next few chapters. It’s make or break time coming up.

I’m trying not to analyze things too much just yet. I’m not looking at page counts, or even how good or bad everything is. Certain sections I’m very happy with, others I’m not, but I’m soldiering onward. I’m trying to continue the process of creating. I can edit and revise later. Right now, I just need to continue letting myself create the story. Already it’s surprised me a little bit. My characters are truly coming to life, and taking on their own personalities. It’s never easy to create believable characters from scratch. The fact that they’re becoming living, breathing people in my mind bodes well; it tells me that not only may my story be decent, it may even turn out to be good.

Well, I’d better get back to it. Wish me luck…

The Silence of Night

Download: Kindle | ePub | PDF

Gagged and bound, Arthur struggled, desperately working to free himself enough to escape. The task was made more difficult because the floor upon which he lie—the trunk of a midsized car—heaved and bucked, making it impossible to focus or concentrate for any amount of time.

Fighting against the motion, Arthur diligently worked to loosen the knots binding his wrists. Wishing he had a knife, the frightened man feverishly twisted his hands. He thought he felt a slightening in the ropes, and could wiggle around a bit more. Yes! He could definitely feel the ropes slackening. With renewed determination, he wrenched fiercely, freedom from constriction in sight.