Book Review: Steve Jobs

How does one review a book–the biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson–when the book itself is more or less a review of Steve Jobs’ life?

Anybody who reads seems to be reading, or have read, Steve Jobs. Consequently there have already been numerous quotes, reviews, and discussions both about the book, and about Steve Jobs in general. It’s difficult not to tread too much on what’s already been said, and impart a unique position, but alas, it’s worth a shot.


Book Review: The Chronoliths

The Chronoliths was a book I may never have read were it not for the rise of the eBook. This novel caught my attention long ago, but couldn’t be found on local bookshelves, and had to be ordered, if I wanted to read it. So it got added to my wishlist, and eventually was released for Kindle. Naturally, I bought it. And I’m glad I did.

Robert Charles Wilson has quickly become one of my favorites, and The Chronoliths is yet another of his fantastic works. His books are subtle, and yet marvelously complex.


The iPhone 5 That Wasn't

Apple announced the iPhone 4S on November 4th, and co-founder Steve Jobs passed away the very next day on November 5th. There has been an enormous amount of media coverage of both events, with various opinions tossed around. It many ways, it’s been over-analyzed, but I still feel like getting my opinion out there, clarified, and detailed for anyone who’s interested.


Book Review: Hex

Allen Steele’s Coyote series has been a long-running favorite of mine. Lately, Steele has been expanding the Coyote universe in ways that are both different and intriguing. His latest entry is Hex, and takes place mostly away from Coyote entirely.