Book Review: The House of Silk

Sherlock Holmes has entertained readers since his first appearance in 1887, with Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet. With the publication of The House of Silk, Anthony Horowitz becomes the first author to receive approval from the Conan Doyle Estate to publish a new Sherlock Holmes novel. The world’s most famous consulting detective returns in a tale both immensely convoluted, and intriguing to the very last detail.


Trip to Paradise

Trip to Paradise

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It was early afternoon when the telegram came. There was no earth shaking reverberation to announce the transition, just a knock at a perfectly normal door.

The message read clearly enough… there was nothing in it that seemed unusual. It was dated that same day and read quite simply,“We have moved to Paradise. Wire when to expect you. Love, Karl and Gracia.”


Retrospective: 2011

2011 was quite a year, and one I’m glad to put behind me. It was a very stressful year, for both Jenny and I. Fortunately, life didn’t throw a whole lot of curveballs our way during the past twelve months, but things were still certainly interesting.


What I Read In 2011: The Year In Review

This year started out fairly promising; I finished three books by February 1st, but that pace quickly slowed, and never really picked up again. In any given year, I usually have several books worth recommending, and that are extremely thought-provoking–unfortunately, there weren’t many of those this year. In fact, a large portion of the year I spent re-reading the Song of Ice and Fire books, along with the highly-anticipated A Dance with Dragons, released in July. A few Star Wars titles crack the list, though I’ve been losing interest in that genre of late. In fact, I was able to obtain eBook versions of all my Star Wars novels, freeing me to rid myself of over a hundred paperback and hardcover Star Wars books. Needless to say, it freed up a lot of shelf-space. That’s also less books I have to move the next time we relocate.

For the very first time, I can announce that I have gone through a whole year without picking up a physical book. 100% of the books I’ve read (and bought) this year have been eBooks. The recent popularity of the Kindle and Nook have really brought the eBook into the mainstream–at long last. I’ve been hooked on eBooks for many years, and have waited for the market to finally catch up; it finally has.

I made some attempts throughout the year to modify my book collection in WordPress to something more specific to what I wanted. At first appearances, it’s possible, but very time-consuming. In the end, I’m not sure the effort would be worth it. Looks like I’ll stick with what I’ve got–for now.


Goodnight, My Love

Henry Manning is a promising young attorney who is lucky to have found the love of his life.

However, a tragic event forces Henry to re-think everything he knows. Along the way, he’ll receive help from unexpected sources, and forge new friendships with the unlikeliest of people…

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