The Building Blog: Part 5

The Countdown Begins

On November 13th, nearly two months after beginning the home-building process, our foundation was poured. We discovered this exciting fact on our way to our first construction meeting, where we learned about our plot plan, and the steps involved in the construction, including our projected completion date. Now that the foundation has been poured, the remaining construction will take place fairly rapidly. Our house is projected to be completed (barring any delays) on February 18th, 2013. The countdown has begun.


The Building Blog: Part 4

Mired in Paperwork

Things have been rather quiet lately on the house front. We’ve been waiting on the loan approval before construction can begin, and finally received some preliminary paperwork from the mortgage company last week. After sending it back, it’s been a waiting game once again.

I’m actually okay with the process going slowly. We’re in a lease at our current house until mid-May, so the idea of closing in late January/early February was a tad intimidating to me. The idea of having to pay for two homes for much time at all presents enormous challenges. Still, it’s been frustrating to tell people who ask how the house is going that is isn’t… at least not so far.


The Astros New Identity Stinks

The Houston Astros have a new identity–new logo, new uniforms, new mascot. But that identity stinks.

‘New’ isn’t even the right word to describe the Astros updated look and feel. Even ‘updated’ isn’t the right word–‘outdated’ is more like it. With the Astros revision to their identity, they return to the H-and-Star logo used throughout their history, and a decidedly retro look–even more so than their ‘retro’ look they adopted when moving to Minute Maid Park in 2000. It’s a horrible choice, and one that makes the team look amateur (granted, most of their players right now are still essentially minor-leaguers), and cheap. They will be essentially wearing throwback jerseys every single game. Indeed, it’s terribly sad that their ‘throwback’ jerseys to the 90’s blue-and-gold look much more futuristic than their everyday unis. They even went with a ‘new’ mascot, Orbit, who is a return to the past of the franchise. Though extremely popular with the fans, the mascot absolutely does not match the look and feel of the identity of the team now.


The Future of Star Wars

Star Wars is about to make a big comeback. The question is: will it be worth the wait?

In 2005, when Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was released, fans thought that it was the end of Star Wars films forever. Though the hope remained that George Lucas would film the ever-rumored third trilogy, it was clear that he had no plans to do so. Fans DID receive a new movie, in the form of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 2008, but it was a computer-animated, children-targeted affair, and captured little of the feel of the previous films.

Since then, fans have received The Clone Wars television show on Cartoon Network, which continues the computer-animated work begun in the film. The knowledge that there is a Star Wars television show that’s been written but not filmed, also tantalizes fans, but that project is not expected until sometime in the future when the costs come down enough to make the show feasible.

Enter Disney. On October 30, 2012, Disney announced that they were acquiring Lucasfilm, and the Star Wars and Indiana Jones brands. (more…)