The Building Blog: Finale

We’ve been living in our house now for just over two weeks, and things are beginning to settle down. We’re mostly unpacked, and starting to settle into a daily routine. So far, it’s been enjoyable, but then again, we’ve had time off work as we settled in, so of course it would be.

After closing on the house on February 25th, we began on some important checklist items we needed to complete prior to actually moving in. We bought window blinds and paint samples. Our goal was to paint the kitchen wall where the refrigerator would go, as well as the accent wall in our bedroom, where our bed would eventually go; we wanted this done before moving in, so we wouldn’t need to move large items later on.

We tested our paint colors, and then some others in the kitchen, finally settling on our choices. For our bedroom accent wall, our initial color choices were perfect. Here are some pictures of the first walls we painted:

After getting the paint taken care of, I went to work on the window blinds, starting with the downstairs, then making my way through the entire house. It was quite a chore at first, but once I obtained the right tools (namely, a drill bit set, for pre-drilling the holes), things moved along much more smoothly. In all, I installed 24 sets of blinds–we have a lot of windows.

Jenny’s office received a paint-job as well, turning it into a lavender-colored room, which matches her decor quite nicely.

Now that we’ve gotten mostly settled in, I’ve taken a few pictures from around the house, mostly of areas that are primarily finished. Though my office is set up, it’s not nearly completed–we still have to wall it in, and make it a proper room, before painting. Still, there are a few pictures worth sharing:

We still have lots of work left to do, not the least of which is finishing my office, re-doing some of our landscaping in the front, and putting in hardwood floors on the first floor. These projects will take time (and money) to complete, but we look forward to completing them–and finishing painting, of course.

I’m not entirely sure it’s sunk in yet that this house is ours and that we’ll be living in it for a long time, but it’s beginning to. I’m sure that first mortgage payment (due entirely too soon) will help the knowledge sink in some. Still, it’s been an intriguing process in buying, building, and moving into our home, and becoming homeowners. Now, when asked, I get immeasurable pleasure from being able to answer the question: “Are you the homeowner?” with “Yes.”